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Money Matters

When does money not matter? Do you have too much of it that it really does not matter how much you have? or have you lost something dear to you that even money can’t buy. When all is lost, when you are the abyss of hopelessness – what good it is if you have a bed of bankrolls to lie on? 


uncertainty cou…

uncertainty coupled with choice leads to a dilemma that can paralyze your cognitive process and provide momentary relief.

too much choice and too many uncertainties ruin your mental equilibrium that is so critical for your to function. You cannot do with quasi-equilibrium states in your mind. 


Do not react, R…

Do not react, Respond!

The problems in our life are because we react to things (let things affect us). what could help is that if he chose to respond – take the event, and break it down to see how best to tackle that. If traffic is bad – dont react and freak out, respond to check what is the best you can do! 


It was a pretty normal day. Between work, twitter and random reads on wikipedia, I stumbled into the below links: 
I had for long thought about what Qualia describes but finally managed to put a word that feeling and it was reliving. Examples of qualia are the pain of a headache, the taste of wine, or the perceived redness of an evening sky. I shared this with the “meta circle” of friends and one of them suggested that we add another friend as he had an interesting conversation with him around similar lines. And this is what he had to say – 
“Interesting read .. I used to wonder whether we all perceive the world in the same way .. Technically we could be seeing the world in different ways but agree on our interpretations. Like synesthetic people who have More than one sensory perception of an event which typically invokes only one perception in normal people. There is a book called the emerging mind by Dr.Ramachandran who describes people who see specific colors with a number , say number 5 is always red for them. Many peope did not know that it was abnormal since they thought that is how its supposed to be. Beethoven was synesthetic , he saw colors to each note , thats how he composed music even after losing his hearing . He saw music and it was normal for him.. He could have thought that its normal. Consciousness is a delicate mixture sensory input and associated interpretations which can play tricks on what us being observed.
 This why adi shankara said that atman is no different from the para brahman when the illusion of maya is removed.. The observer , subject , and scenario  are all the same. They are all meaningless as individual entities . They reinforce each other to exist .. when one experiences everything together the self disappears and becomes one with the universe .. This dilution of ego is called samadhi .. This is a dangerous spot since ego is necessary for survival else we cant perceive threat ..thats why it requires rigorous effort to dilute our ego 
Extreme heavy duty stuff, but when you read and re-read it might sound plausible. And I am already wondering what is then the difference between Qualia and Perception. And given Perception seems to decide our fate (esp in work places), is it even fair and other meta level questions 🙂 
Suggested reads on this
  • Viveka chudamani by adi sankara
  • Godel escher and bach
  • Emerging mind by vilayanur ramachandran
  • Freedom from the known by j jrishnamurthy 
  • Critique of pure reason by immanuel kant 

This post might seem random, but given its somebody’s thought which forms the bulk of this post, i hope you will live with this. 


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Flipkart – Bad product and appalling operations

I had ordered the below products last week. As I was not in town over the weekend, my security staff had taken delivery for the same.

Product Details Ordered Quantity Price/unit (Rs.) Shipped Quantity Sub Total
Numero Uno Flip Flops 1 359.00 1 359.00
Red Tape Slip On Shoes 1 1437.00 1 1437.00
Product Details Ordered Quantity Price/unit (Rs.) Yet to be shipped Sub Total
The House of Tara 13 inch Laptop Sleeve (Multi-color) 1 342.00 1 342.00
When i wanted to use these products today, I am both surprised and shocked.

I had ordered a 13″ laptop sleeve. I have got a 15″ laptop sleeve. (refer picture below)
15" instead of 13" sleeve
The Red Tape shoe I had ordered is not finished properly on the inside.Luckily I figured it out before wearing it. I am sure it would have damaged my foot if I had worn it. Such low quality of products is unheard of.
I have shopped across Flipkart’s competitors (myntra, jabong and pepperfry) but no where have I come across such poor service quality and poor product quality.
If this is how India’s dream eCom company is going to service an order which is anywhere between 2 to 5X it’s average ticket size (depending on the sources), I really have my doubts on how they plan to keep up quality in the boom days ahead! Will we have to do with Jugaad even in this space? Hope not. Only time will tell.

The purpose of …

The purpose of strategy—or business or business education—is not about coping with competition–i.e. a contest in which a winner is selected from among rivals. The purpose of business is to add value for customers and ultimately society.